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Mary* was evicted from her home in Kenya by her abusive husband and sons and subjected to death threats. Mary is not alone. Despite great strides by the Kenyan government to prevent and address violence against women and girls, many women continue to face violence, with women and girls living with disabilities being particularly at risk of severe violence and marginalization. Thankfully, Women Challenged to Challenge (WCC), a women’s rights organization pioneered and led by women living with disabilities and supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, stepped in. WCC activist, Sheila Adoyo, a rape survivor herself, explained, “I couldn’t stand watching that injustice happening in front of our eyes. I mobilized women in our community, and we made pressure on the police to act.” 

As a result of Sheila’s efforts mobilizing others, justice was served: Mary was able to return to her home and the abusive husband and sons are in prison. In Sheila’s words, “This is the power of our solidarity.”

Please commit to safeguarding the lives of women and girls by supporting organizations such as WCC, through your generous contribution to the UN Trust Fund.

*name changed for privacy


Photo Credit: Lisa Shannon/Women's Justice Initiative. A community advocate facilitates an Adolescent Girls Program workshop on self-esteem in rural Patzún, Guatemala.