Help UN Women reach women in South Asia most affected by COVID-19

A second wave of COVID-19 cases has severely strained health systems and communities across South Asia. Women play indispensable roles in the response but also face dire consequences. They have lost more jobs than men, struggle with care work burdens, and confront increased gender-based violence.


Join us to meet essential needs

UN Women and our partners are helping thousands of women and girls in India and Nepal. With your assistance, we can do even more. We are training health workers, providing humanitarian supplies, and sustaining essential services. Powerful advocacy puts actions to assist women and girls at the heart of recovery plans.

Your contribution can accelerate women’s recovery

$5 provides sanitizer, soaps, masks, and sanitary napkins to a woman in India or Nepal.

$15 funds basic food supplies for a household in India or Nepal, enough to feed a family of four for up to two weeks.

$25 pays for a phone card so a woman in Nepal can maintain links with her family and essential services for six months, and get information sent by UN Women on COVID-19 prevention and assistance.

$25 provides means for impoverished women across India to contact doctors, gender specialists, and mental health practitioners.

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