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Help to provide urgent relief to women and girls impacted by Hurricane Irma.

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve seen the devastation that Hurricane Irma has caused across the northern Caribbean, and hard on her heels, Hurricane Jose is bringing more risk. In the aftermath of disasters, women and girls are disproportionately exposed to risk, increased loss of livelihoods, security and even lives, due to existing gender inequalities.

With your gift today, UN Women can:

  • Ensure that relief efforts, through the provision of emergency supplies, such as dignity kits and more long-term support for recovery, meet the needs of women and girls.

  • With your support, we will also ensure that the central role that women play in the survival and resilience of families and communities, is recognized. In the Caribbean, women remain the predominant heads of households, and women-headed households are often the most vulnerable and deprived in the region.

  • In the immediate response, your donation will support the distribution of dignity kits containing basic health and hygiene products for displaced women and girls, such as soap, underwear and sanitary napkins.

  • In the longer term, with your support, UN Women will provide continuing technical expertise and financial support for economic initiatives to ensure that women have access to resources to get themselves and their families back on their feet, and to address safety and security concerns.

Your gift will help bring dignity and hope to women and girls in the Caribbean who are caught in Hurricane Irma’s destructive path.

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